SonTek – IQ Acoustic Doppler Flow Meter

The SonTek-IQ is an acoustic Doppler flow meter that provides high-quality water flow, total volume, level and velocity data. The SonTek-IQ collects data in manmade or natural channels, pipes or streams between 8 cm (3”) and 5 m (16’) deep.

Product Literature

Capable of working both in man-made as well as natural channel, the SonTek-IQ can collect flow (area-velocity) and volume data in as little as 8 cm (3 in) of water. Its five-beam pulsed Doppler design is Modbus, SDI-12, RS232 and Analog ready. Even better news – the SonTek-IQ installs with limited or no earthworks. With the SonTek-IQ, expect to get quality data for quality decision making.


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