Waste Water & Water Re-use Products

YSI – IQ SensorNet

This wastewater treatment process monitoring system accommodates up to 20 sensors and covers a wide variety of water quality parameters. Immediate benefits include better process visibility and management for wastewater treatment.

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Godwin Dri-Prime CD & HL Ranges

These pumps feature automatic priming dry to 28’ suction lift; dry running, oil bath mechanical seal, abrasion-resistant silicon carbide faces; and continuously operated venturi air ejector priming. Discharge is 2” to 24”, with flow capacity up to 16,500 gpm. Click to view all Godwin pumps for the mining industry

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Godwin Heidra Range

This compact self-contained submersible hydraulic top discharge pump includes diesel or electric power packs. With dry running capabilities, the rugged dewatering/ solids-handling unit is ready to go anywhere. additional product information

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Flygt 4000 Series

Our complete line of compact mixers, top-entry mixers, mid-size and slow speed mixers all feature state-of-the art propeller designs, assuring optimal efficiency for your specific application. More Product Information

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Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

Xylem’s packaged MBR systems provide compact biological treatment systems to help you meet stringent discharge limits. Xylem’s Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) combine Sanitaire diffused aeration, Flygt submersible mixing and pumps, WTW and MJK instrumentation with Xylem’s unique process knowledge. Thanks to the flexible biological design of Xylem’s MBR process, and the complete removal of suspended solids […]

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Experior Adaptive N-impeller

Submersible pumps feature adaptive N technology to provide clog-free, energy-saving performance. Speed regulation, self-cleaning functionality, SmartRun Controls and Premium Efficiency Motors cut energy use up to 30%.

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Ozone Treatment Systems

Containerized ozone systems streamline oxidation and disinfection of water. Ozone systems are also used for the destruction of cyanide in gold leaching processes. More Product Information    

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